Our golf course is located in the heart of Southeast Michigan.
You can play the course six days a week.


18 Hole Golf Course

Our golf course is located in the heart of Southeast Michigan in Adrian MI. You can play the course seven days a week.

The club was built and founded by the members in 1919. Mr. Ernest Way laid out the original 18-hole design; however, only nine holes were built.  It is said the “rule” was that a member had to give so much (agreed upon) time in taking care of the layout each week, prior to being permitted to play. The remaining 9 holes were constructed in 1926, and the 18-hole course opened for play on Memorial Day of 1927.

Lenawee Country Club survived the Great Depression and the continued financial downturn through World War II. In 1949 the old farmhouse, which served as the clubhouse, was replaced with the current clubhouse.

The club hosted the 1950 Michigan open which was won by Walter Burkemo. Lenawee Country Club has survived the test of time. – Today; the 129 acres of gently rolling terrain challenge the members as pars are valued and birdies cherished.

The course plays to a par 71 with tree lined fairways and undulating greens sure to test the skills of both the novice and experienced players. The golf course is maintained to the highest standards giving the members pristine fairways, true and fast greens, and tournament conditions on a daily basis.The Pro Shop offers members and their guests the finest in apparel and golf equipment. The PGA staff is attentive to any member golf requests.

"Lenawee Country Club is the best keep secret in Southeast Michigan."

Course Tour

Hole #1

Par 5 – Yardage 541, 525, 500, 439

It’s not common to start with a par 5, but it’s smart. Number one is a straight away hole where going left is not an option. Going right, although more forgiving, is lined with tall established trees.This green, like all greens at Lenawee Country Club, is on the smaller side but extremely quick. Its undulations make putting at Lenawee Country Club an art form.

Hole #2

Par 4 – Yardage 322, 315, 302, 217

As with any golf course, accuracy off the tee is key at Lenawee Country Club. Number 2, although the shortest par 4 on the course, is a tricky little hole. number 2 rewards an accurate tee shot and offers problems if you stray off the designated path. Left is a tree lined OB…and right puts you amidst an array of established trees that block your view to the green. Land right and you are almost guaranteed to have to pitch back into the fairway.A 200 yard shot or better down the fairway will allow a nice short iron into an undulating and deceptive green. A par here is not a given!

Hole #3

Par 3 – Yardage 182,177,161,152

Number 3 is a good test of tee shot accuracy. A well protected green with interesting contours makes shot placement the difference between a legitimate chance for birdie and a disappointing 3-putt.Warning: a long shot over the green, particularly on the right side of this green, will result in a double or triple bogey for sure!

Hole #4

Par 4 – Yardage 368, 353, 333, 305

Time for a dogleg left. Number 4 will tempt the longer hitters to take substantial distance off to the green by cutting the tree filled left side. A well place tee shot over the foliage and you will be patting yourself on the back. If you can draw the ball, you can really feel good about yourself here.

Miss hit your tee shot left and you could be punching one to two shots through the trees just to get back into play. Hit a too far right and you have the same problem on the right side.

When you see this green multi-sloping green, you will be happy to strike the ball only twice. Enjoy!

Hole #5

Par 4 – Yardage 424, 412, 368, 371

The number 1 handicapped hole at Lenawee Country Club takes you as far right as number 4 takes you left, but it’s substantially longer. Well protected by trees on both sides, if you try to cut the corner here, you will be meeting members on the range.

A well place drive leads to a blind shot to a tricky green. Don’t beat yourself up if you bogey this hole.

Hole #6

Par 3 – Yardage 199, 184, 172, 161

Referred to by some members as the toughest par 5 at Lenawee…this par 3 offers one of the toughest greens on the course. No two putts are the same on this one.A tee shot missing on the left side here pretty much eliminates any chance at par.

Members with over ten years of experience at LCC still scratch their heads at some of the breaks they get on this green!

Hole #7

Par 4 – Yardage 378, 371, 330

With OB on the left and so many trees on the right side of this fairway, number 7 will test your nerve on the tee box, especially after taking on number 6. There is nowhere to bailout except down the middle.

And don’t take this green for granted. The subtleties of the breaks here will have you shaking your head and asking where that movement came from.

Hole #8

Par 5 – Yardage 504, 482, 462, 450

So why is the bare tree just in front of the tee box still there? Maybe to mess with your dome. Too bare to hit? Maybe so…but your group is sure to get a good chuckle when it happens!

The second longest par 5 on the course is one of the few holes, other than the par 3s, where you can see the entire hole from the tee. Thread a tee shot, work your way up this rolling fairway and say hello to an elevated green that will test your nerve.

Is the pin placement in the front right of the green really legal??

Hole #9

Par 3 – Yardage 159, 157, 144

Time for a breather? Sort of…maybe…

From the tee, you really can’t see how well protected this green is. The bunkers will keep you honest here.

As is the same with every apparently flat green at LCC, you will be amazed at the subtle undulations. You will learn something new every time you play here.

Hole #10

Par 4 – Yardage 405, 400, 383

Congratulations…you’ve made the turn.

How are you feeling about your round so far?

Number 10 is another tree lined fairway, with a mild bend to the left about 80 yards before the green, leading to an apparently flat green.  Once again, it pays not to underestimate the putting surface.

Hole #11

Par 5 – Yardage 480, 472, 454, 415

If you like established golf courses in respect to enjoying a vast array of mature trees throughout, you will love Lenawee Country Club. Number 11 is just another example of a well protected fairway all the way down to the green. Adding severe fairway undulation along the way to the green offers some very interesting approach shots.

Play it safe…or go for the green in two via a blind approach shot…the side of the pin you end up on will determine your final score on this beauty

Hole #12

Par 3 – Yardage 163, 155, 142

This well protected green slopes from back to front. Make sure you’re not short off the tee as a shot to the front of this green will most likely roll off to the second cut. Relying on a soft pitch to save par on 12 does not bode well more times than not.

Hole #13

Par 5 – Yardage 475, 456, 446, 419

Trees, bunkers in the rolling fairway, bunkers around the green, dog-leg right you’ll be glad this is a par 5 when you tackle it. When you face this green on your approach shot from well below it, you will see how much it slants. Your approach shot has to be on the low side of the flag in order to score a par or better on this test.

Hole #14

Par 4 – Yardage 339, 314, 234

As modest as this hole is in length, it is in difficulty on and around the green. Really big hitters can go for this one…but the risk reward is debatable as OB on the left and the forest on the right make accuracy a must.

Throw one out in the fairway 200 yards and plan your approach wisely as this green will test your mettle once again. By the time you tee it up on 15, you’ll be shell shocked as to what you have to do to negotiate these unbelievable greens!

Hole #15

Par 4 – Yardage 406, 389, 326, 322

As with number 4, this dogleg left will tempt the long hitters to clear the trees and cut the corner. As with number 4, you risk the forest on the left and the scattered trees on the right.

Hitting this fairway is no guarantee to par-ville as the rolling topography will leave you with a balance testing stance that even Karl Wallenda would have problems with.

And welcome to one of the fastest greens on the course. Many a lag has left golfers with 6 feet or more coming back. You might as well go big or stay at home.

Hole #16

Par 3 – Yardage 187, 171, 162

An elevated tee exposes another well protected green. The tree enveloped tee box, fairway and green makes it tough to determine how the wind comes into play here. This wider than deep green makes proper club selection that much more important.

Hole #17

Par 4 – Yardage 360, 347, 288

Now you’re in the home stretch. Number 17, like number 8, leaves an old bare tree to toy with the mind off the tee.
The lowest part of the course,with Wolf Creek babbling by the tee, 17 is the only hole at Lenawee where water comes into play for someone who works the ball left to right. A shorter test of golf, you can decide to let the big dog eat or place a more lofted club to a desired distance from the green.
Your scoring up to this point will dictate how much this scenic little hole will play mind games with you. On to the finale!

Hole #18

Par 4 – Yardage 397, 390, 287

If you need a par to finish a fine round…number 18 will make you think a bit. With Country Club Road running down the entire left side of the hole and trees all the way down the right side, you won’t have a choice but to smack one down the gut. Accomplish that and the rest of the hole can be managed well. Miss your tee shot…and you could be left scratching your head wondering what could have been.

No matter what you score…you will undoubtedly enjoy the many challenges that Lenawee Country Club has to offer!

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